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  • When is the best time of year to surf in Pavones?
    Big wave season lasts from March to October. From November to February is the best time for beginners. However, if the swell and wind directions are favorable, large waves are always possible, even if the online forecasts aren't promising.
  • As a beginner, can I surf in Pavones?
    Yes, beginners can surf in Pavones. If the waves are too big, we can move to a different surf spot nearby.
  • Is it possible to rent a surfboard?
    You will be asked if you want to rent a surfboard when you do a booking. If you need a surfboard, we will rent one to you based on your skill level. The cost of renting a surfboard is $20.
  • What if I booked a private session, video analysis or surf lesson and there is are bad wave conditions in Pavones?
    There are numerous surfing spots in the Pavones region. We'll go to a surfable location. If there are no surfable waves at all, we make a decision together. There are three choices: Change the day and time. Cancel the booking (you will get your money back) We have a different program (I will make suggestions)
  • What if I don't catch a wave in a private session or video analysis?
    If you're having trouble catching a wave, come to the beach and ask me for advice. Please respect that I will not extend the session or refund your money if you do not catch a wave. But if you want to extend the session and I have time, we can agree on a price for the extra time.
  • I am not a surfer. Can I explore Pavones with you and get some nice photos?
    I will happily show you the beautiful places around Pavones and will bring my camera or drone with me. Please contact me with your requests.
  • Do you have a surf instructor certification?
    I am not a certified surf instructor, but I grew up in Pavones and am an experienced surfer, so I am very familiar with the spots and their characteristics. If you prefer a certified instructor, I can put you in touch with a friend of mine.
  • Which accomodation do you recommend in Pavones?
    On the website, look for the link Accommodation: & Apartment in private house to rent.
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